Local specialities

Cognac and “Pineau des Charentes”


  • Cognac is the fruit of a double distillation, a world famous spirit. You will appreciate all its aromas by consuming it as a digestive or in a cocktail. Located near the town of Cognac, the south Charente is part of the Cognac production area.


  • Pineau, a clever blend of grape must and brandy, is a liqueur wine with a controlled designation of origin. Whether white or red, it must be served very fresh as an aperitif, to accompany foie gras, melon or dessert.
“Le brûlot charentais”

“Le brûlot charentais” consists in pouring Cognac into the coffee cup saucer and make it blaze to give its tasty flavours to the coffee. In Charente, former winegrower used this method to warm up their cold coffee.

Taste them directly at the property of one of our passionate producers !


The veal of Chalais and the Barbezieux’s chicken breed, two products labelised “signé Poitou Charente” :


  • The production of the veal of Chalais is an ancestral tradition. The farming methods used to raise the calves contribute to the gustative quality of the meat characterized by its white flesh of extreme tenderness. The calves, belonging either to a meat breed or to a cross breed, are fed with natural milk suckled by their mothers.


  • Born in the region of Barbezieux, the Barbezieux’s chicken breed is one of the 500 oldest French breeds of chickens. The quality of it’s firm flesh is very appreciated by the gourmets. This breed revives thanks to the “Aspoulba” association’s work and carries these days the labek “signé Poitou-Charente”.

Find all the producers of the veal of Chalais and the barbezieux’s chicken in our local producers’s section.

Snail and walnut


  • The snail “Le petit-gris” is so popular in the region that it has become the emblem of the Charentais, commonly called “cagouillard”, “luma”, “cagouille”. It is eaten sausage meat stuffed or buttered stuffed garlic.


  • Food with recognized nutritional properties (fight against bad cholesterol, prevention of cardiovascular diseases, source of essential fatty acids etc ..), the walnut is also grown in South Charente. Its consumption is declined in oil, flour, delicacies.


Find the delights with Lérisson Gourmand walnuts in Reignac (16360).

Last but not least, local sweet delicacies ; the “galette charentaise”, the “cornuelle de Villebois-Lavalette” and the “pine de Barbezieux” :


  • The “galette charentaise”, the most typical of our sweets, was used for all occasions: family celebrations, receptions or snacks ! Composed of a dry paste flavored with pieces of angelica, this cake was often prepared in a hurry as soon as visitors showed up. It was served hot, accompanied by a coffee, a glass of white wine or a glass of Pineau des Charentes.


  • The “Cornuelle de Villebois Lavalette” is a spring biscuit traditionally tasted on the occasion of the Palm Fair. Their triangular shape evokes the Trinity or the feminine fecundity.


  • At the same time of year, we also eat the “Pine de Barbezieux”, from the eponymous city, a cake made of choux pastry whose shape evokes virility.

“Galette charentaise”


“Pine de Barbezieux”

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