Romanesque art, a real journey throughout time !

Welcome to South Charente, a Romanesque land, and a place of expression of an artistic movement with multiple influences, witnessing the society of the eleventh and twelfth centuries in Western Europe.

 Saint-Jacques church of Conzac in Saint-Aulais-La-Chapelle


The South Charente abounds with magnificent Romanesque buildings including more than one hundred churches wich magnify this art.

Come and discover their particular architectures, their mural paintings or their sculptures.

Affixed to Romanesque churches’ walls, explanatory panels designed by comic artists will give you information about every building encountered on your way.

You can see all these explanatory panels by clicking HERE.




Major sites of Romanesque art in South Charente:


  • Saint-Etienne Abbey of Baignes – Baignes-Sainte-Radegonde
  • Saint-Martial church – Chalais
  • Saint-Jacques and Saint-Jean churches – Aubeterre-sur-Dronne
  • Saint-Denys church – Montmoreau
  • Puypéroux Abbey in Aignes et Puypéroux – Montmoreau
  • Saint-Arthémy church in Blanzac-Porcheresse – Coteaux du Blanzacais
  • Templars Chapel in Cressac Saint-Genis – Coteaux du Blanzacais
  • Saint-Jacques church of Conzac – Saint-Aulais-La-Chapelle
  • Underground church of Saint-Georges – Gurat
  • Grandmontine church of Rauzet – Combiers
  • Saint-Jean-Baptiste priory – Ronsenac
  • Saint-Pierre church – Rougnac
  • Notre-Dame church – Gardes-Le-Pontaroux

Mural paintings of Notre-Dame church in Gardes-Le-Pontaroux

Sculpture detail of Saint-Jacques church in Aubeterre-sur-Dronne



The south Charente Tourist Office is involved in valorising our Romanesque heritage, by providing discovery cards which invite you to travel around and explore to discover the richness of this expressive and lively religious art.

Our Romanesque art discovery cards are available in all the Tourist Offices of South Charente !

Maine gate of Saint-Denys church in Montmoreau

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